For 60+ years we've worked toward females with maximum fertility, soundness, doability and good udders. The average Feddes cow ranks in the top 2% of all Herefords for gain and milk. In other words, when you buy a bull or heifer from the middle of our herd, you are still getting the very top end maternal genetics in the Hereford breed. Below is a sampling of some cows.

F Ms 5104 Advance 918

F Ms 847 Rest Easy 012

F Ms Harland 018

F Ms Payback 046

F 480 Dominette 052

F Ms Harland 119

F 3027 Dominette 124

F Ms Rest Easy 133

F Ms 765 Ribstone 160

F Ms Payback 165

F Ms Abe 211

F Ms Trust 319

F Ms Trust 333

F 3027 Dominette 362

F Ms Trust 339

F Ms Lights Out 400

F 105Y Dominette 420

F 3027 Dominette 424

F Ms Rest Easy 434

F Ms 88X Ribeye 444

F Ms Trust 463

F Ms Trust 464

F 032X Dominette 488

F Ms Hometown 504

F Ms Hometown 518

F Ms Hometown 562

F Ms York 567

F Ms X51 Revolution 570